Human Resources ChatBot Solutions

ChatBot, when actively using artificial intelligence, provides a new interaction experience through the messaging interfaces that users are accustomed to.

ChatBot allows for automatic response to frequently asked questions, a sustainable interaction with the user with the specified structured flows and different menus.

What Does ChatBot Provide?

  • Question answer
  • Structured Flows
  • Multichannel Experience
  • User Loyalty

With the use of ChatBot you can create a natural experience in facebook messenger, web, mobile and different messaging interfaces.

ChatBot Analytics and KPI

More important than the development and use of ChatBot is the continuous improvement of ChatBot using analytics.

For this purpose, we give great importance to the correct determination of KPIs.

Employment ChatBot

What about ChatBot’s preliminary interview with the candidate according to the nature of the job announcement and company policy? You can do preliminary interview without losing time and you can search according to the answers given by the candidates to the ChatBots.

ChatBot guides the candidate according to the predefined information and allows you to find the most suitable position with the recommendations. In this respect, unnecessary applications are filtered.

Facebook, web page or other chat apps can be a new interface for hr.

Orientation ChatBot

Orientation for a new employee can create a time consuming and repetitive workload for HR. With a correctly designed ChatBot, a productive experience can be created for this routine.

  • Declaring personal rights,
  • To introduce the team,
  • To introduce the company,
  • To explain common problems.
ChatBot is now much easier!

You can drop repetative jobs like Orientation to ChatBots.

HR — Employee Relations

Just think leave announcements, event news, birthdays, company organizations to ChatBot? In this point of view, ChatBot can be your best assistant.

  • Start adding artificial intelligence to your business processes
  • Simplify your in-house processes
  • Increase department productivity
  • Take care of ChatBot’s personality
  • Touch your employees 24/7

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